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Why the project is necessary:

Our environment and as well as climate change have long term effects on all of us. Without increasing the number of contributors to environmental protection, whithout the development of local centers comprised of “environmental activists and speleologists”, we will not be able to protect anything locally.

What problem/situation does the project address:

The karst environment is the most vulnerable, its damage being either irreversible or reversible over hundreds of years, in the case of karstic groundwater. Most karst areas are located in rural zones, in disadvantaged areas, with small communities and an extremely underdeveloped civil society. Educating and raising awareness among the youth for future action in these local communities is of utmost importance. Currently, the capacity for involvement and action is non-existent, as we have witnessed during our previous activity.


  1. 6000 citizens from 27 counties involved in the protection of karstic environment, during 18 months.
  2. Raising awareness regarding the role of “Explorers Caving Society” among 1000 of our citizens.

The main activities:

A1. Project management.
A2. Informing and communicating.
A3. Creating informative & educational materials.
A4. Awareness campaign in civil society.
A5. Youth involvement.
A6. Conference for the protection of karstic environment.
A7. Rehabilitation of the Education Center.
A8. Innovation workshop.
A9. “Explorers” 60 years overview report.

Planned results:

Producing informative materials: posters, books, flyers.

A unified information campaign across all karstic areas in Romania Conference for the protection of karstic environment Rehabilitation of “Carbunari” Ecological Education Center Best practices regarding organization reporting and transparency.

The beneficiaries:

  • 5400 young people (students) from 27 counties and 135 schools.
  • 100 local administrat.
  • 500 volunteers of speleological organizations.